Mother’s day post

Favourite things about my baby

1) The way he giggles and chuckles in his sleep.

2) The way he greets me with a big smile and a happy coo when I stand over his crib in the morning.

3) The way he nestles into my chest like it’s the safest, most comfy place in the world.

4) The way he tries to catch my eye and smile at me when I’m changing his nappy.

5) Those beautiful blue eyes, straight from his daddy.

6) The way he changes every week.

7) The giant grin when I stroke his head just as he is falling asleep.

Favourite things about my mum

1) Seeing how much she loves my baby.

2) The way she looks at me when I’m cuddling him all up.

3) Being able to talk about motherhood with someone so thoughtful and wise.

4) Knowing I’ve always got someone in my corner when I need it, even though I’m all grown up.

5) Having such a strong, intelligent, calm and caring model for womanhood.

6) Our long chats over shared interests.

7) That she still hugs me like I’m her baby.