Wish list

Tim Watkin at Pundit did a magic trick – he suggested a policy, and the very next day, Labour picked it up

Here’s my list:

  • An additional week of annual leave – increasing by a day a year for the next five years. Falls into the “why don’t we have this already” basket.
  • Allow Kiwisaver contributions to be diverted to pay off a student loan, as I’ve said before
  • A month’s paid parental leave for fathers/the partner of the person taking extended parental leave. 
  • Scrap the first home deposit subsidy. It’s so very, very, very poorly targeted. Use the money saved to help pay for something more worthwhile.
  • Create a student loan repayment bonus for people living and working in New Zealand. Maybe a partial debt write-off after living here a certain number of years after graduation, five grand for five years, that sort of thing. The brain drain is still a major issue. Remember these billboards from 2008 “Wave goodbye to higher taxes, not your loved ones”? Whatever they’ve been doing (and I haven’t noticed anything), it hasn’t worked.
  • Reconsider school zoning legislation – the goal was to ensure that kids could go to their local schools, fair enough; but after 14 years of this policy, hasn’t it just lead to a more stratified school system and greater geographical clustering of the well-off?