Pros and cons of cloth nappies

Such a boring title, I know.

Five things I like

  • Not having to remember to stock up on nappies. We’re the sort of people who buy three kilos of catfood whenever we’re at the supermarket, then don’t go again until it runs out. (Actually, we’re now the sort of people who do all our shopping online on payday.)
  • The cloth nappies we’re been using are much more absorbent and leak-proof than the disposables we’ve tried. 
  • Save lots and lots and lots of money – especially if reselling on trademe. 
  • Seeing as we’re washing nappies anyway, it’s no extra hassle to also use reusable cloth wipes, which are softer and nicer for bubs (and also save more money).
  • Not creating heaps of rubbish – not sending things to landfill, and not having to store bags of dirty nappies during the week between rubbish collection days. 

Five things I don’t like

  • Every day starts with a load of washing and refilling the nappy soaking bucket. 
  • Significant upfront investment required, which also means doing lots of research into different nappies before purchasing.
  • They’re bulkier under clothing.
  • We’re using a two-part system, and it can be fiddly to get the waterproof wrap completely over the nappy when bubs is especially wriggly. 
  • Constantly justifying using cloth nappies to people who think it’s a pious exercise in environmental self-flagellation.