Etahi mea e marama ana au inaianei

(ko tenei te wiki mo te reo Maori)

1) Malls. Me two years ago – ugh, malls, those horrendous bastions of consumerism, how cool that Wellington doesn’t have one. Me now: a warm dry place with lots of different sub-places and plentiful parking! Genius. Wish Wellington had one.

2) Good enough is good enough. Ain’t nobody got time for that perfectionist faffing around.

3) Patience is a virtue, and virtues are more important than skills and accomplishments. Enough said.

4) People who care for children are the backbone of society, and it’s egregious that this is not properly acknowledged.

5) Adulthood is not a voyage towards independence from other people, but towards interdependence, reciprocal support.

6) We’re all just people. We all started out as tiny helpless babies. We all just want to enjoy our lives and care for those we love. A Palestinian woman in Gaza with a baby and an Israeli woman in Sderot with a baby are more similar to each other than either is to their political leaders. Perhaps we need to think less about political solutions to bloody conflict, and more about human solutions.

7) Learning new things requires trial and error, doing things poorly, figuring out a new plan, and doing it all again tomorrow.

8) Sleep deprivation is manageable, until it’s not.

9) Singing a lullaby soothes the desperate parent more than it soothes the teething crying baby.

10) Everything passes. Something can be terrible for a week, then it’s over. Something can be wonderful for a few seconds – quick, remember it.