Hopes and dreams

I read this today, it left me cold a bit (seriously lady?!), and reminded me of a diary entry I wrote to my baby while pregnant that I intended to type up at some stage. I still think it’s an ok list. Here it is:

What I want you to be

Compassionate, considerate, brave, conscientious, a person of integrity, honest, loving, joyful.

What I want you to do

Enjoy the outdoors, cherish relationships, have adventures, strive to make the world a better place, enjoy music and books.

What I want to be as a mother

Patient, thoughtful, present, creative, involved, relaxed, organised, fun, adventurous, kind.

What I want to do as a mother

Teach you values and skills, have fun with you, let you learn, give you space to do your own thing, make your life special.