Six months

Worst things:

– Social isolation. Catching up with friends who work is so very difficult, weekends are too short, weeks are too long.

– Not being able to finish tasks, ever. No windows of uninterrupted time anymore.

– Feeling like mothers are taken for granted by society and like my work in caring for bubba is invisible.

– Mr Daddy’s long working hours, knowing that this is hard for him too, but that there’s nothing we can do about it because his job security is essential at this stage of our lives.

– Difficult physical recovery from pregnancy and childbirth, and feeling like I can’t talk about this much because it’s not generally part of the public discussion around new parenthood.

– Poor sleep

Best things

– That it gets easier. Every month it gets easier. The realisation that hard stuff passes, and moments of joy can leap out at any time.

– Making new friends with other parents. Feeling like part of a new community. Feeling closer to my own parents.

– When bubs laughs and my world is engulfed in his huge grin.

– When he falls asleep cuddled snugly on me and for a brief moment I feel like I have my tiny baby back.

– Loving my husband in a whole new way when I see him play with our son, feeling blessed beyond blessed that this is my family.

– How ridiculous and wonderful bubs is, with his chubby thighs, his goofy smile, his emerging interest in grabbing the tail of the cat, his acrobatic leaps on the jolly jumper, his endearing trill of a coo, his insistence on removing my glasses whenever he can reach them, and his intense interest in the world around him.