Money spending tips for new parents

  1. See something on sale. Buy three! Use one. 
  2. See something on sale. Restrain yourself and buy one. Realise you needed two. Item no longer on sale. 
  3. Buy a clothing item that’s too small, because in your head your baby is not as big as your baby is in reality. 
  4. Buy a clothing item for your baby to grow into, leave it in the cupboard, ultimately realise that it is still too big and the seasons have changed and it’s no longer of any use. 
  5. Buy a fancy expensive thing when a cheap equivalent would do fine.
  6. Buy a cheap equivalent of the expensive thing, get frustrated that it’s completely useless, capitulate and buy the expensive thing as well. Or do the same dance with a secondhand thing / new thing.
  7. Pay for two hours of parking, then leave town after 45 minutes because baby wants to go home. 
  8. Pay for an hour of parking, get derailed by being out with a baby, end up with a parking ticket. 
  9. The ultimate tip: buy something that looks cool but that you don’t need.