Cloth nappy review: softbums omni

If you read tips online about using reusable nappies, oftentimes they recommend waiting until the baby arrives, so you can test a range of nappies before committing to one style.

We did not do this. We’re happy with the nappies we’re using, but we mainly bought them because they were on a 70% clearance special.

However, using cloth nappies leads inexorably to a desire to find the perfect cloth nappy. Having not heard of all-in-two styles, I briefly entertaining the idea that I’d invented something revolutionary – a nappy where the absorbent bit snaps into the outer bit. Then I had another idea: a nappy with adjustable leg elastic. So I googled a bit and discovered that hey, this nappy already exists! And it’s called the Softbums Omni.

I finally bought one, thinking it’d be a good option for out and about – easier to use than fitted+wrap when changing bubs on the floor in a corner somewhere, and more compact for the nappy bag. 

I’m here to tell you it’s great. GREAT! A brilliant design!

Things I love:

  • The adjustable leg thing means it’s possible to get the fit just right, then ignore it until it’s too small – you don’t have to size it each nappy change, which is a major advantage over other one-size nappies with snaps down the front. 
  • There is plenty of space in the crotch for a large insert without risking leaks.
  • The shells dry super fast – practically dry as soon as they come out of the spin cycle of the wash.
  • There is a natural fiber option for the inserts (bamboo), and the large insert can be folded for a smaller baby or used fully extended for a bigger baby.
  • It’s quite compact, without sacrificing absorbency.
  • You can stuff the pocket and snap in an insert, for extra absorbency.
  • The patterns are cute.
  • It’s an extremely cost effective system – the inners are very reasonably priced, and because the outer shells dry so quickly you wouldn’t need many for a full set. 
  • It’s easy to use. Cloth nappy newbies would not find this challenging at all. 

Things that could be improved:

  • It’s tricky to get the elastic adjustment even on each leg. It’s not a biggie though. They could easily fix this by making the elastic colour-coded or numbers or something. A rainbow elastic from shortest to longest adjustment would be cool.   

Other comments:

  • I’m not sure how durable the shells will be. In our main system system, we’re using popolini organic cotton nappies with thirsties wraps, and they look like they’ll keep going and going and going long after we have no more children needing nappies. The softbums shells might not last as long – but, I don’t think this is a major issue, given it’s a one-size system and given the other features. You’d definitely get great value for money even if it only lasts one baby. And I might be pleasantly surprised by durability! 
  • I’ve no idea how these would work for newborns, because we haven’t got one anymore.

In sum, I’d recommend this nappy to anyone and everyone. Especially to cloth nappy skeptics – I think it could be a good “gateway nappy”. 9/10. Great job Softbums.

(I got it from – they’re awesome).