Fractured time

I’ve just finished reading a book called All Joy and No Fun: the paradox of modern parenthood. I want to write a review but haven’t had a chance to get my thoughts in order yet. One of the points the author makes is that “for the majority of mothers, time is fractured and subdivided, as if streaming through a prism”. I love this expression. 

As I write this, the little dude has been asleep for an hour and a half (due to wake any second). When I put him in his cot, my first priority was to start cleaning the kitchen – the dishes from last night were still on the bench. We don’t have a dishwasher and the landlord won’t let us put one in because there is not enough space. So I start doing the dishes, then I think – wait, I should put on a load of washing first so that it’s done sooner and I get more drying time outside. We don’t have a dryer, see: dishwasher. I separate the laundry and put on the load of washing and return to the dishes. Then I realise, wait, I should order the groceries online because I need to order them by 11am if I want them delivered this evening, and the cupboards are bare (and yesterday was payday). So I take a break from dishes and go and order the shopping. As I’m doing this, bubs cries out and I need to go and resettle him with shushing and patting. Return to the shopping order. Finish that, then go and get back to the dishes. All the while, my mental space is on this review I want to write. I then remember I need to take food out of the freezer to defrost for the little dude’s lunch. Oh, and in this space of time I’ve also checked on him three times just out of SIDS paranoia.