Hello world

The little dude is nine months old, a year and a half since he was conceived, I’ve been a mother to him for as long outside my body as in my body. His favourite things are chasing the cat, eating strawberries, peek-a-boo, the phone, pulling himself to stand up, the swings in the park, crawling on grass, and grabbing my glasses. His least favourite things are getting dressed after the bath, being left in his highchair for even a minute after he’s had enough to eat, having his face wiped, and having his nappy put back on.

My favourite things are how he crawls up to me and smiles, his laugh, his fat little face, his smooth belly, how he holds onto me when I carry him, how he always tries to grab leaves whenever we walk past greenery, how he gets so excited when his dad comes home; a sense that I’m getting the hang of it, I sort of know what I’m doing now; that he is sleeping better; and the enormous pride of looking at him and thinking “I built that”.