The Future of Work – Labour Leader Andrew Little Speech | Scoop News

A speech from the new leader of the opposition on the future of work. Literally no mention of family friendly work policies. I kept expecting it to be round the next soundbite, but nope. 

Some examples:

Our economy, like our laws and our government, is only useful if it’s about delivering for people. And that means everyone." 

… like perhaps parents who want to work and spend time with their kids, but whose employers won’t let them take leave in the school holidays? INVISIBLE.

We’ve forgotten our economy is meant to be about people, and as a result more and more people are being left out. Their efforts aren’t being rewarded.“

…like perhaps people on unpaid parental leave? INVISIBLE.

What’s happened is that the underlying structures of our economy have changed, and our policies haven’t changed to keep up.“

…for example, the entry of mothers into the workforce? INVISIBLE.

The injustice I talk about is when the powerful and the privileged take advantage of the weak.“

…for example, the way the whole economy takes advantage of unpaid labour performed mostly by women? INVISIBLE.

We don’t ask the world. We don’t want something for nothing or for anyone to do it all for us.“

…all we want is for the economy to recognise the existence of ourselves and our children. But we’re invisible. 





The Future of Work – Labour Leader Andrew Little Speech | Scoop News