Thoughts on blogging

Earlier in the week I got a superbly lovely message from a reader and it made my day! I typed back a reply and clicked send but having never responded to a tumblr message before (nor received one), I’m not sure that it went off into the ether successfully. So if not, hello dear reader and please know that you made my feel totally chuffed! And also inspired me to get in touch with a couple of bloggers in my city, to say how much I liked their blogs (Boaganette and Smothered). 

Reading other mum blogs was a bit of a lifeline in the early days of parenting. I read all of bluemilk’s blogs about the first year. I read all of Ugly Volvo, which is so hilarious. I read others too that  haven’t stuck in my mind so much.  

I blog as an outlet, because otherwise I bore my husband to tears with extended rants that I rehearse as an internal monologue to help me process my thoughts and feelings. I blog to keep a record of this parenting caper, because it changes so quickly. I want to preserve the moment in time, the experiences and attitudes, as I know I’ll forget. One of the isolating factors in the beginning years of parenthood is that things move so fast that someone with a kid just a few months older or younger is having a very different experience. When I read through the back-catalogues of the blogs mentioned above, it didn’t matter that I was reading thoughts written several years before. I felt like those blog posts were letters written to me and sent magically to arrive when I needed them, like in Charlotte Sometimes (obscure children’s literature reference). Or like Matilda reading her books (less obscure children’s literature reference!), reading the writing of other mothers gave me the hopeful and comforting message that I was not alone.