Easy steps to avoid student debt!

I read this piece – why do I do that, I should just not click those headlines!

Piss off Rod. 

There are two primary ways to avoid being bogged down by the costs of higher education. 

1) Complete your degree before 1992. This is what my parents did, brilliant foresight! My degree lasted five and a half years, so if I’d wanted to take this option up I really should have enrolled while in utero.

2) Have someone else pay for your education. Ideally you want to have well-off parents who have a fund set up specifically for this purpose. Why didn’t I suggest this option to my parents in 1992?! What an idiot. Busy spending my tooth-fairy money on the lucky dip at the video shop, never thinking about the long-term.  

If neither of those options are available, you can try your luck at scholarships. Caveat: this only works for a small number of people, and even if you get a few scholarships you could still end up with tens of thousands of dollars of debt because university is very very expensive. Alternatively, you could pay as you go, or you could work first and save up for your education. Except, this means paying for the education before you have a qualification, which means you will be earning less, so it’s clearly a stupid fucking idea and flies in the face of all economic logic. Oh, also living at home for free, yeah, great option if your parents are able to provide it and you don’t mind living with your parents well into your adult life. I did it for the first four years. Then my fiancé and I decided we wanted to get a place of our own. Crazy, right?! 

Hey, if you were lucky enough to use option one above, y’know what? How about you just shut up. Or better yet, how about you write an article about different funding models the Government could use instead of the current clearly unsustainable system?