Most people turn out fine, right?

I seldom see adults chasing cats in order to dive-bomb them, then pull their tails and skid across the floor in a make-shift cat-sled. Maybe if cats were bigger this would be a thing? Whatever, he’s probably going to grow out of it. There’s only so much I can do to intervene. If he’s not deterred by the cat scratching him, he’s sure as hell not gonna be deterred by time out (is 16 months even old enough to understand time out?)

At 5am, he comes into our bed and has a breastfeed and goes back to sleep for another two hours. Being kicked in the belly for two hours is the price I pay for a 7am wake up. I have no plans to try and change this, it works well enough. 

Is there such a thing as feeding a kid too many eggs and bananas? If he has an omelette for dinner every night, that’s still food, yeah? At least half of all meals go like this: prepare food, feed child a spoonful of food, attempt to feed child more spoonfuls of food, give up and make child an omelette.

The staff at Moore Wilsons know me as “that mum who clearly comes here for the toy section that she uses as a play area but also buys a treat for herself and a bunch of bananas with one already eaten by the small child who really likes pressing the eftpos machine buttons.”

Those little round purple rice crackers, he really likes them, and they are a “treat”. By “treat”, I mean they are a bribe to get him in his carseat or his buggy, used as many times a day as necessary. They’re iron fortified, that’s good, right?

The other day I was ignoring him while I checked my phone because, y’know, and he took the lid off the zinc nappy cream and got it all over his hands, then he came up to me and held out his hands and said “dah!” which I think meant something like “mum, I think I need some help getting this stuff off my hands!”. 


In all seriousness, I have no major problem with the idea that he might pick up on the following messages:

  • I trust that you’ll turn out ok;
  • Sometimes I’m doing my own thing, but if you get into a pickle you can always come get me to help;
  • You don’t have to finish food you don’t like but I’m going to keep offering it;
  • I’m going to call you on your bad behaviour but I won’t always be able to intervene to prevent the natural consequences – though I do hope you’ll learn from them;
  • If I tell you not to do something, and you do it anyway when I’ve got my back turned for half a second, a cat might scratch you;
  • If a cat scratches you, I will kiss it better;
  • I’m winging this parenting thing;
  • There is a limitless supply of purple crackers.