My name

It’s not my maiden name, it’s just my name.

It’s not my married name either, it’s just my name.

No, I didn’t sandwich together my husband’s surname and my “original” surname.

Yeah, one half is my mum’s name and one is my dad’s.

Yeah that is annoying for like official forms and stuff.

But it’s my name.

It has been my name since my parents got round to sending off the birth registration forms when I was a few weeks old.

No my mum didn’t take my dad’s name when they got married; also, I was 23 when they got married.

No, the little dude doesn’t have a triple barreled name. He has his father’s surname and my father’s surname as one of his middle names.

No, I didn’t want to give him just my name.

Because having a really long surname is annoying for forms and stuff.

But I like that he has four names, just like me. Having four names is super cool.