Performance review (for my son)

Weaning: requires development.

Sleeping: inconsistent performance, often requests assistance.

Eating: strong and abiding preference for scrambled eggs. 

Talking: comprehension strong; word differentiation requires a perceptive ear. Many words are a variation on two sounds: “DAS” (this, bus, yes) or “Shhhz” (shoes, cheese, stairs).

Climbing: avid interest.

Gentleness: has recently learnt how to do kisses, but looses points for ongoing biting, pinching, hair pulling, and cat-tackling. 

Hugs: this is a key strength.

Dancing: the next Michael Flatley.

Reading: prefers lift-the-flap books, but also demonstrates enthusiasm for anything with thick enough pages to gnaw on. 

General awesomeness: the best person I know.