Sleep training in 15 easy steps

1) Struggle through.
2) Assume things will get better by themselves eventually.
3) Become so sleep deprived it impairs functioning in all areas.
4) Vaguely wonder whether you could be doing things better.
5) Research on the internet.
6) Become daunted at bewildering array of conflicting advice.
7) Continue clinging to hope of spontaneous improvement.
8) Become a shell of a person with little to no perspective on anything.
9) Buy a book about baby sleeping and follow it to the letter, desperately needing to believe it will work.
10) Notice some improvement. Become elated!
11) Improvement not as significant as hoped. Become resigned to many more months impaired sleep.
12) Child becomes sick or next teeth start coming through. Child starts waking a million times in the night and refusing to go back to sleep and is also fighting going to sleep at bedtime.
13) Force child to consume pain relief medication
14) Become convinced that pain relief medication is a scam.
15) Struggle through.