Curated memories

I posted a picture on facebook today of me and Mr Daddy sitting on a bench, the little dude standing in front of us feeding a tiny lamb from a bottle. We’re on holiday in Hastings and went to the Haumoana Farm Zoo.

This was our “redeem the day plan” after a full hour and a half of the little dude refusing to nap because he’s figured out he can rock the portacot from side to side and thus entertain himself indefinitely. He has always had the attitude of “why nap if I could do something more interesting”. In a fit of desperation, we decided screw the nap and put him in the car. He fell asleep on the way to the farm zoo. We then circled round Haumoana for 45 minutes and pulled in to a 4 Square and ate iceblocks while he snored.

I put the picture up online and my mum commented “looks like you’re having a great time!”. We are. He had an awesome time at the farm zoo. In years to come I will surely forget the sense of inordinate frustration at the nap stand-off. Instead, I’ll have that photo of him looking intently at the lamb while I have my arm around him. Also it was super cute how he tried to say the names of the animals he hadn’t heard of before like ostrich and emu and alpaca, and how he seemed so stoked that everything in his many books featuring farm animals actually exists.

I guess farm zoos are a pretty weird concept, but no more weird than other types of zoo?