Search continues for schools silver bullet

Very brief thoughts, because I’m at work – boils down to you can’t solve deprivation without solving deprivation. 20 years ago just as the 90s welfare reforms were biting I was eight years old at primary school, and my primary school was the closest school to a block of dire council flats in a rapidly gentrifying area. In my class there were many kids who formed part of that “long tail of underachievement”. It’s not rocket science why they do badly at school. I started school knowing how to write the alphabet and count to 20, with a full lunch box every day and warm clothes and a house where parents were present and engaged in my learning. It was like I only had to run a half marathon after months of training and they had to run a full marathon without any training. By the time I went to uni, I didn’t know any of those kids anymore. And I certainly don’t often meet people in jobs like mine who came from that sort of background.

Search continues for schools silver bullet