Random list of ways that being pregnant with number two feels different

I keep losing track of how many weeks pregnant I am.

The due date is not etched into my mind. Baby is expected in late March. Due dates are stupid rubbish.

I have given almost no thought as to things we’ll need to buy.

Late March feels very far away.

I feel less connected to the baby compared with this stage when I was pregnant with the little dude. The very forceful presence of the toddler in my life doesn’t leave much room to be constantly conscious of being pregnant.

I’m less worried less about all the pregnancy do and don’t lists.

Monthly antenatal checkups seem very frequent. I have almost no questions.

I don’t want to go on maternity leave as far in advance of the baby’s arrival.Last time I felt like I wanted mental space away from work to do nothing except be pregnant and prepare for baby. This time I’m not so concerned about that.

I’m not really thinking about how it will be when the baby arrives, how it will upend our lives. I know that we’ll adjust like we did before.

I wonder what the baby will be like as a toddler and as a crawler. Last time I couldn’t think beyond newborn. This time I actually need to remind myself that the baby will start off a tiny squidge.