The cute thing with the cat on moving day

Regular readers will know that the little dude is somewhat obsessed with our cat, Freddie, or “Diddis” as he is also called (one of the little dude’s first words, and one which in several months has moved no closer to sounding like the origin word). Sometimes this obsession is not quite so gentle, cats don’t like being tackled for a cuddle for example.  

When we were trying to explain the whole “soon we will move house” concept, the little dude would look a bit worried and say “diddis doo?” He said this over and over, every time we mentioned the new house he would check that Freddie was coming too. 

On moving day, I left other people to do the final clean up and final car loads of things we didn’t quite manage to put in boxes, and took the little dude and Freddie round to the new place once the movers had finished with the major items. The little dude was fascinated by the moving crate, into which we put Freddie’s basket (which he doesn’t use), and an old cushion thing (which he does use). The little dude watched while my brother and I put Freddie in the crate and shut the door. I tried to explain, it’s a, um, a special bed for Freddie for the car, a special cat cot. The little dude nodded, satisfied and amused “Diddis dar bed!”. 

Freddie meowed the whole way to the new house, stuck in his crate in the boot. The little dude copied the meowing. I explained that Freddie was a bit scared, that cats don’t like cars and that when we got to the new house we would have to be extra nice and gentle to Freddie. The little dude seemed to understand. 

So we get to the new place, and after some tricky logistics around the order of taking small beings out of the car, we were all inside. I let Freddie out of his crate and got him some fancy food that we don’t normally give him, to help him over his ordeal. The little dude crawled straight into the crate, got stuck, needed me to help get him out. When my brother arrived, he put Freddie’s normal biscuits on the floor next to the cat bowl. Next minute, the little dude is trying to tip the biscuits into the bowl, providing a running commentary of his actions “Diddis dai, bedder!!” [dai = kai = food] “Allll bedder Diddis!”, “No moar dar!”, “Dai ready! Diddis dai ready! Alllll bedder Diddis!”. 

It’s moments like that when I just kinda feel like, wow, kids are so cool and lovely and cute. It was pretty much the longest little disjointed monologue the little dude has ever had and it was motivated by trying to make the cat feel better about the new house and the scary car ride.  

(I didn’t even mind the cat food all over the floor)