Explaining family trees

My grandmother is down for Christmas, and my mum had this whole week off, and the past two afternoons they’ve picked the little dude up from creche. Conversation tonight:

“Was it nice this afternoon going to the beach with Nana and GG?”


“Did you have fun on the slide at the playground?”


“Hey, did you know that GG is Mummy’s nana?”


“Yeah, and Nana is Mummy’s mummy!”


“And GG is Nana’s mummy!”


“Who’s Mummy’s mummy?”


“Yeah! And who’s Mummy’s nana?”

“Djee Djee!”

“Yeah! And GG is also Nana’s mummy!”


“And Safta is Daddy’s mummy”


The he pauses and looks like he’s really thinking about this and then says:

“Daddy nana?”

“No” says Mr Daddy “Daddy’s nana is gone”

He pauses again then says:

“Oh no Daddy, no nana!”

And then he gives his dad a big hug.

And then three times that evening repeats unprompted “Daddy no nana, oh no. Oh no Daddy. No nana!”