The smell of warm pine needles and dry grass and sunblock.

Chaffing between my big toe and the next toe ‘cause jandals.

Surrounded by whanau, lots of people to play with the little dude, my cousin’s kids and the little dude playing together, thinking how cool it is seeing the second generation of our clan at this campground.

Swimming at sundown, the light on the water, feeling weightless.

Struggling to get the little dude to sleep in the tent, saying goodnight… then going back in when he gets upset, him saying “no bed” then falling asleep in my arms.

Raspberries and boysenberries and cherries, and the little dude calling raspberries “redbubburies”, which is an attempt at “red blueberries”.

The little dude throwing stones into the sea, endlessly.

Losing track of the time of day.

Seeing older kids put on their own sunblock and clean their own teeth and all sorts of other amazing things and thinking about how short the baby/toddler phase really is.