Maybe we should have seen this coming

It rained a lot on Saturday and we decided to bail on the camping trip and head home early. Stopping off in a small nowhere town, Mr Daddy slipped on the wet road while carrying the little dude, and the little dude hit his head on the tarmac. He was ok – nothing major – but he bit his tongue in the fall and his mouth was bleeding and there was a bit of a lump on the head too. So we went into a cafe and gave him an ice block to a) calm him down and b) numb the tongue.

On Sunday, the little dude bit me. I’m doing the whole “ouch that’s not nice, that hurt Mummy” spiel, “just like it hurt you yesterday when you fell and hit your head and bit your tongue!”. The little dude said “Mummy ide bock!”, and seeing as we had some in the freezer, Mr Daddy gave me an iceblock.

Today, the little dude keeps biting his own hand and saying “owwwwch, oh no!” and asking for an “ide bock”.