The zoo

We have a yearly pass for the zoo this year, which is cool ‘cause we can go when ever we want, and our new house is close to the zoo. In February they are open late on Wednesdays and I decided to take the little dude today after creche/work. Because of the zoo pass, we’ve been going almost every weekend, and he wanted to go straight to the Australian section where there is a spring-less trampoline in the wallaby enclosure. Which is cool yeah but that was ages away from the gate, and it’s been soooooooo hot lately. Soooooooo hot! Too hot for him to walk far, too hot for me to carry him far, and I didn’t have the buggy with me. The first half of the way I was trying to be firm on the “you can walk” line. And he’s trailing after me going “mummy boost!” (that’s what he says when he wants me to lift him up). I sat down in the shade and waited for him to catch up and felt like ohmigod why didn’t I stay at home with him on the couch watching Elmo’s World and eating frozen mango? Why did I venture out into this awful heat?! What was I thinking?! Watching him get closer to me with his sweaty little face and red cheeks looking all uncomfortable and distressed, saying “dampdinedine, deddit” [trampoline, get it] and wailing “mummy boost!” – the whole plan felt like a stupid idea and a disaster. 

I picked him up at this point and carried him the rest of the way to the trampoline, which felt like ages, and mainly uphill, so I was knackered. 

We got to the Australian enclosure and went through the blue door and there was no-one else there, and I put him in the trampoline and zipped up the side and he had a great time jumping for almost half an hour, it was hilarious, and these wallabies were right close by lazing in the shade, and I could just rest and watch him play, and it was perfect. I tried to take a photo but the light was all wrong. 

After forever bouncing, around the time I was trying to convince him to maybe have a drink of water, I saw another mum with a slightly older kid approach, and it was our old neighbours! Wellington is tiny! 

The kids jumped around together for a while, and our old neighbours were more organised than us and had a picnic, which introduced the little dude to pistachio nuts, which he loved. 

When it was time to go home, I dolled out pistachios every 30 metres all the way to the gate and he was super happy to trot along (downhill). Thank you former neighbours! 

Going on an ordinary outing with a toddler reminds me a bit of backpacking overseas in a country with patchy infrastructure. One second you’re like “ughhhhhhh, I’m too hot and things are hard”, and the next second you’re having this amazing moment of pure joy and you’re so glad you made the effort.