Milestone update

Tonight I was making dinner and Mr Daddy was emptying the bins, and the little dude was running around the lounge in circles holding a balloon in each hand and saying over and over “dwo badoons!” Mr Daddy looked at me and said “I think he’s passed peak needing us.”

Barely 30 seconds later, the little dude came up to me and said “want beanudt budder dtoast”. I said “remember what you say when you’re asking for something?” and he said “bease and danku mummy beanudt budder dtoast, bease!”. 

When they’re tiny, they can’t do anything for themselves but they sleep a lot and can be left on a rug or a bouncy seat and semi-ignored for brief periods. The little dude is finally coming out the other side of a very long phase in which he required constant supervision. I couldn’t leave him even for a minute. When I was alone in the house and needed to go to the toilet, I’d put him in the empty bath with some toys so that he could be contained and watched. He’s suddenly taken one of those developmental leaps, and is so much more sensible and physically capable and independent than he was even a month ago. Last week, we had one morning when we slept through our alarm and we woke up to find him happily playing on the floor of his bedroom with his toys. What?! Crazy!