Now that he’s a good sleeper

Aside from holidays and napping in unfamiliar places, the little dude is one of those mythical good sleepers now. We read stories on the couch after the bath, Mr Daddy sings him a song, we put him in his sleeping bag, I take him to bed and talk to him for a couple of minutes and sing him another song, I say goodnight and tell him it’s time for sleep – I walk away and come back 12 hours later. Same basic deal for naps (provided they’re at home or creche). A few nights ago I heard him singing “dinkdil dinkdil yiddil dar” to himself after I’d said goodnight, happily soothing himself to sleep. I wouldn’t have believed this to be possible a year ago or even six months ago. I don’t know what portion is good strategies to help things along, and what is just good luck and him getting older. I’ll definitely use the “No Cry Sleep Solution” approach for the new baby too, in case that’s what deserves the credit. Anyway, I’m recording this to remind myself for next time that the sleeplessness doesn’t last forever.