Flag referendum and writing off younger voters

In every interview John Key gives about the flag referendum, he says something along the lines of “won’t get another chance in our lifetimes” or “once-in-a-generation” or “if we don’t vote for change now, we’ll be stuck with the current flag until we become a republic”.

Wait up! Not everyone in the country is middle-aged! Some of us can wait 20 or 30 years to debate this issue again and still have more life left at that point than John Key does now. 

I’m sticking with the plan of voting to keep the current flag and waiting for another chance later. I’d love a bold new flag that reflects modern New Zealand and looks awesome. The Lockwood design is not that flag. It’s literally our current flag with the Union Jack swapped for a fern and a corner of black. Um, what? So uninspired.