We just had to settle the little dude back to sleep after a nightmare. He gets them maybe once a fortnight or so. I heard the cry “Mummmmyyyyyyy!!!” from his room and went in, he was standing up in bed and his head was all sweaty. I say “did you have a bad dream my darling? Was it scary?”. He says “Yeeeeaah. Want Mummy duddles. Only sit Mummy knee. Read dtory book.”

It amazes me that he knows what he needs to feel better and can tell me.

After the story book, I take him back to bed, he looks at me and firmly says “no Mummy doodnight. Mummy dsing dsong”, and I sit and sing to him Purea Nei, imagining the bad dreams scattered to the wind. When his breathing becomes deep and slumberful, I crawl out of the room and carefully shut the door.