Can’t get over how different this is

38 weeks pregnant with the little dude I felt like:

  • The baby could come any day! 
  • Oh my god I’m going to have a baby!
  • Do I have all the things for the baby? Better google some lists of things I need!
  • I can’t wait for the baby! 
  • Ugh, being heavily pregnant is so uncomfortable, I can’t sleep. I want my body back, get out baby. 
  • Maybe I should repack the hospital bag for the third time?
  • Why isn’t the baby here yet?!
  • I hope my husband looks after me when he’s on paternity leave and doesn’t just focus on the baby. 
  • I’m kinda bored at home by myself “resting up”, it’ll be great when the baby comes and I have company! Why do people keep telling me to “make the most of this time before the baby comes”? 

38 weeks pregnant this time is more like:

  • Oh yeah, I’m going to have a baby.
  • But not for like two weeks, which is ages away. 
  • Do I have all the things for the baby? Whatever, can buy stuff when it comes if needed.
  • Will I be shocked again at the newborn phase or is my revisionist memory accurate that aside from sleep deprivation, they’re kinda easy-ish to care for? 
  • I don’t mind being heavily pregnant; it’s a damn sight better than the first few weeks after giving birth. No rush baby!
  • We live close to the hospital, I can pack the bag after contractions start. 
  • Maybe I’ll take the little dude out of creche on Wednesday and have a whole day with him one-on-one. Won’t be able to do that when the baby comes. Hope he copes ok. 
  • I hope my husband gets a chance to do some work in the garden while he’s on paternity leave, the weeds are getting out of hand. 
  • Nice to be finished at work. Gonna get some stuff sorted and also have time to rest. Won’t be able to rest when the baby comes! Better make the most of it!