So long Diddis

Last week the little dude stopped calling Freddie (the cat) “Diddis” and started calling him “Beddie”. His first word has finally morphed into a closer approximation of the thing he’s trying to say. And of course I wish it hadn’t. It was a word that was just his and now it’s gone. Like when his interpretation of my brother’s name transitioned from Nimnim (not close) to Yiam (fairly close), we all kinda wished he could have stuck with Nimnim just a bit longer.

Right now I’m “Mummy Yaida” – whenever we’re somewhere with other kids, he tags on his version of my name to the title. At home I’m “Mummy” but when I arrive at creche he says “Mummy Yaida heeeah! Yaaayy!”. Today I had a whole day with him and we went to Junglerama in the morning, which is only the second time we’ve been and the first was months ago so he didn’t remember. At various points he would pause and scan around to see where I was and call out “Mummy Yaida! Mummy Yaida dstill heeeeaahh?” So cute.