Taking the plunge and allowing comments

Hello internet strangers and real life friends.

I’ve decided to take the plunge and allow comments on this blog now. When I first started it, two years ago, I didn’t want to have to deal with comments that might be mean. Last year I had too much on and didn’t want to be overly invested in the writing. This year, I’m going to have more time when I’m trapped under a sleeping baby and looking for adult human contact, so… hello adults humans who may wish to contact me! I’ve put the setting on manual approval, but plan to approve all comments that aren’t dickish.


7 thoughts on “Taking the plunge and allowing comments

  1. Hooray! Because so many times I’ve wanted to say “me too” or “you articulated that so well” and it leaves me distressed when I can’t tell you! For example a little while ago when you said your hug at daycare pickup days were over. No! I thought I had this dilemma too; do you drive or have a double pram? If so, leave little one in the capsule or the pram while you go in to say hi. I treasure this moment also! And the little ones love saying hi to the baby in his “seat”.

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  2. I’ve so loved your blog the past 18 months or so; I have an almost 2 year old, so I love following along to see what’s going to happen next (or at least what is happening to you next!) but I also really enjoy the links you post and your wider political and social commentary posts. Many congratulations on the new baby and I’m so pleased that the second birth was as you’d hoped. Olivia (I comment as Peabody_Bites).

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  3. I don’t remember how I started following your blog but it has been very thought provoking and enjoyable– and I can certainly commiserate on many points — I have two bubs who turn 2 years old and 6 months old this weekend. Cheers from WI, USA.

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  4. Hello! I’m so glad you’ve decided to open comments as so often I’ve wanted to agree or commiserate or high five with you. Thank you for taking the plunge!

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