The small one snuggles in, the big one moves away

As planned, the little dude has been spending a lot of time with his dad and his grandparents since the bub arrived. Necessary in the first few weeks when newborns are constantly breastfeeding, and especially in the first week when I was sore from the birth and couldn’t do any proper play with my big boy. He still likes having me around, for sure, but after only two weeks he’s happy to sit on his dad’s knee for bedtime stories while I sit next to him feeding bub, and happy to kiss me goodnight in the lounge and have his dad do lullabies in bed. Last weekend my parents visited on Saturday evening and after an hour or so the little dude declared “time go Nana house!” – deciding for himself that he wanted to go with them and stay the night.

Just now bub was being burped by his dad while I ate some toast and had a cup of tea, and bub was half asleep but also grizzly and unsettled, so Mr Daddy hands him to me thinking he might need more milk. Bub immediately snuggles into me and starts snoring. Not hungry, just wanted to be surrounded by the comforting smell of the person who has held him the most so far. Mr Daddy laughs and says “screw you, baby”.


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