Last night we went out for dinner

My grandmother is visiting to get her fix of the greatgrandbabes, and last night we took her out for dinner at our local child-friendly eatery. The little dude was amazingly well behaved. He sat nicely in his high chair and ate all his fish and chips. My grandmother likes to see children eat so she was very satisfied. The new bub slept in his carrycot the whole time. My brother and Mr Daddy were sitting either side of the little dude, and they tag-teamed the entertainment and distraction.

Mr Daddy had ordered the little dude’s meal on arrival (good thinking batdad!), so he didn’t have to wait long for dinner. He was really patient but said “want fish and chips” about every two minutes until it came. When the waitress brought out the desserts, he said with glee “more food!”. He had a mini doughnut which was basically toddler heaven.

At one stage the little dude looked at me all concerned and said “where Benman?” (the new bub is called Benjamin, little dude can’t manage the “ja”, it’s the cutest). He’d forgotten about his baby brother til then and thought maybe we’d all forgotten? Adorable. Like, “hey mum just checking, I’m sure you’ve got this under control, but uh, it’s just occurred to me – where’s the baby? I can’t see him. We did bring him, right?”


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