Last night, she said

This time last night the new bub had not slept more than 5 consecutive minutes in his basket and I was like noooooooooo what the fuuuuuckkkkkkk?! Like he’d be asleep fine in my arms but the second I put him down he’d wake crying.

Then he slept in our bed for the next two hours, which was not on purpose, I just fell asleep nursing him because exhaustion. Then my husband was all “ahhh it’s not safe, I don’t want to co-sleep til he can hold his head up independently”. So then from 4am we took turns sitting up with him because bub’s attitude to basket was basically “nobody puts baby in a basket”.

Tonight I put a wad of paper towels under  his basket to lift it slightly at the head end in case wind in his belly was the problem and elevation might help. Put a heater next to the basket in case he was cold. Got out an old terry square nappy and warmed it over the heater, then put it in the basket before transferring him so that he was being laid down on a body-temprature surface.

He’s been in his basket for 10 minutes without waking… And he was there from 11.30pm til 1.15am too. I think I hope maybe it’s working? Of course now I have to heat his sheet every night forever.


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