Sleepless night, cute big kid

The bub has a cough and a sniffle. I’m not worried, there’s no temperature and he’s a big robust baby, and he’ll be getting antibodies in his milk. But he seems uncomfortable poor thing. And I was up a lot of the night. He couldn’t feed easily because of the blocked nose and he kept waking himself coughing. He slept in his basket from 5 til 7, thankfully, and today is a crèche day for the little dude so hopefully I can get some rest.

The little dude came in to say goodbye to me and bub in bed before they left. As he was leaving the room I blew him a kiss and said “can you catch my kiss?”, but he was already out the door. And then I saw just his chubby hand poke out from behind the door frame, catching the kiss. Aww.

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