A side-effect of having little kids

I can no longer enjoy TV shows and movies with grossly unrealistic depictions of kid stuff. It’s too galling. Oh, someone has a baby and it just sits there and doesn’t seem to have interrupted anyone’s life in any major way, and it does maybe half a grizzle once an episode, and it spends a lot of time asleep IN A COT. That’s not a baby, that’s a doll. And the parents go out all the time?! Pfffft. Infuriating.

Will this wear off?


Food plan update


The food plan system is going really well. I’ve figured out some refinements.

  1. The slow cooker is my friend. I never used it much before, a wedding present that sat in the cupboard. Knowing what I’m cooking in advance makes the slow cooker a much more useful tool. I’ve been doing most of the soups and stews in it.
  2. The best opportunity for bulk cooking is the weekend, when there is another adult to take the baby during the little dude’s nap. Even a 30 minute meal is surprisingly difficult to do on a Thursday evening with both of them around. And the salad on Monday system hasn’t worked that well either.
  3. Cooking on the weekend is also good because the food is fresh from the market when we use it. Also I’ve been prepping the veges when I unpack them, and figuring out ways to store them well. For example if you wash spinach leaves, spin them in a salad spinner, and put them in a plastic bag tied at the top, they are still totally fresh and lovely several days later. If you wrap a wet paper towel around the roots of spring onion and put the whole thing in a plastic bag it also keeps really well. For mint, rinse it, then put a paper towel round it while leaves are still damp, then into a plastic bag – stays fresh for a whole week.
  4. There are huge efficiencies in bulk cooking. For example, the kumera soup for this week, I made that on Sunday and made enough for three further nights to freeze. If you’re making two servings, might as well make four servings.
  5. With two kids, we’re not doing much going out in the evenings, even to my parents’ place. So having food for weekends too is good. Actually on Sunday my parents’ came to us and we all had the soup. Yum.
  6. It only takes a few hours of weekend cooking to stock a freezer and get ahead of yourself.
  7. A rice cooker is great for reheating frozen soups and stews.
  8. Knowing what will be cooked during the week means you can decide week by week when to cook it (bulk cooking on weekend vs on one of the little dude’s creche days, etc), but either way you know what to buy at the market etc.

This is an anonymous blog so I can tell stories like this

Earlier this evening, I tripped over my husband’s shoes, which were lying in the bedroom doorway. And I said, with some peeve “the two year old puts his shoes in the rack without being reminded! What the hell?!”

Then at 10pm, I’m giving bub his last feed before his biggest stretch of sleep, and I ask my husband to bring through the sleeping bag for bub and a cup of tea for me.

He goes away, brings back a cup, puts it on the bedside table, leaves again, having forgotten the sleeping bag.

Also, the cup was empty.


A state of constant flux

So, bub hates to sleep anywhere other than next to me or on me – with occasional exceptions for the pram – and we’re just rolling with it, figuring it won’t last for ever, trying different things like swaddling or whatever but also not giving it too much mental attention. The past two nights Mr Daddy has slept on the couch because bub takes up a ridiculous amount of room in the bed for such a small person. This morning I had the thought “would it be such a big deal if he sleeps on the couch for maybe a month?”…

In the last three years, we’ve moved house twice, my husband has started a new job, we’ve had two babies, we’ve seen our finances yo-yo up and down and up and down again with alternating promotions and periods of unpaid leave, and “only for now” has become sort of our modus operandi. But things slip when you’re constantly in “only for now” mode. Too much slips when you decide to deal with it later, and later gets pushed out further and further. Maybe some people are better at rolling with it than we are, but I’m kinda hankering for a period of things being in a steady state so that we can settle down for a while and take stock, and be more attentive to things that have been slipping (the meal plan is part of this).

This definitely goes in the column against having a third child.

Aside: Funny how “settling down” is sometimes used to encompass having a kid when it’s pretty much the most disruptive thing you can choose to do to your life.

This is ridiculous

Step 1) Put baby in cot on his tummy.
Step 2) Supervise him for ten minutes making sure he doesn’t suffocate.
Step 3) Carefully roll him onto his side.
Step 4) Supervise him for ten minutes making sure he doesn’t roll back on his tummy and suffocate.
Step 5) Gently roll him onto his back.
Step 6) Quiet quiet quietly get into bed.
Step 7) Quiet quiet quiet lie still.
Step 8) Rudely awakened by crying. Blearily check time. It’s been 20 minutes since step 6.
Step 9) Back to step 1.
Step 10) Co-sleep.

One day a taniwha…

“One day a taniwha / went swimming in the moana-”

“NO! Not wimming in da mooona, wimming in da Waikadto!”

“Ok, one day a taniwha / went swimming in the Waikato”

“No, wimming in da moana AND da Waikadto”

“…went swimming in the moana and the Waikato, he whispered softly in my taringa-”

“me have dtaringa! Me have dtaringa on me head!”

“Yeah, you do have taringa, they’re for listening. Um. Oh won’t you come with me, there’s such a lot to see, underneath the deep blue sea”

“Sailor wendt to sea sea sea song! Not dtaniwha song!”

“A sailor went to sea sea sea to see what he could see see see but all that he could see see see was the bottom of the ocean sea sea sea. Goodnight, time for sleep now, love you lots, lie down for sleep now my darling.”

“Want dtaniwha song one more dtaniwha song, one day a dtaniwha, only want it Mummy, one more yast one, only one more song. Mummy sing one day a dtaniwha one more time, peaaaase Mummy sing it!”

“Ok, last one then Mummy will say goodnight and shut the door. One day a taniwha, went swimming in the Waikato-”

“No, wimming in da moana!!!!”