A state of constant flux

So, bub hates to sleep anywhere other than next to me or on me – with occasional exceptions for the pram – and we’re just rolling with it, figuring it won’t last for ever, trying different things like swaddling or whatever but also not giving it too much mental attention. The past two nights Mr Daddy has slept on the couch because bub takes up a ridiculous amount of room in the bed for such a small person. This morning I had the thought “would it be such a big deal if he sleeps on the couch for maybe a month?”…

In the last three years, we’ve moved house twice, my husband has started a new job, we’ve had two babies, we’ve seen our finances yo-yo up and down and up and down again with alternating promotions and periods of unpaid leave, and “only for now” has become sort of our modus operandi. But things slip when you’re constantly in “only for now” mode. Too much slips when you decide to deal with it later, and later gets pushed out further and further. Maybe some people are better at rolling with it than we are, but I’m kinda hankering for a period of things being in a steady state so that we can settle down for a while and take stock, and be more attentive to things that have been slipping (the meal plan is part of this).

This definitely goes in the column against having a third child.

Aside: Funny how “settling down” is sometimes used to encompass having a kid when it’s pretty much the most disruptive thing you can choose to do to your life.


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