This is three months

By golly this baby is a cute one. Oh me oh my he is such a cute one. He’s so cute I need to use twee phrases to convey how cute he is. I want to use words like “scrumptious”. He’s so cute I talk to him in superlatives, and feel disloyal to my memories of the little dude at the same age.

Could you be any cuter?! No, you could not, you are at maximum cuteness right now! Oh yes you are.

Three months, starting to laugh, laughing such lovely laughs. Open wide grin and a chuckle like uncorking a bottle of warmth. Peek-a-boo is a hit. Sometimes if he’s in his bouncy seat or if he’s being held by someone else he’ll try and catch my eye and smile at me or laugh at me. ‘Cause he’s the cutest.

He looks like me, this baby. The big one looks exactly like his dad, it’s kinda nice to have one who looks like me too.

At about 6am he wakes up and has a feed, and I do everything I can to get him back to sleep so that I can keep dozing, and he lies on my chest while I drum on his back. Sometimes he drifts off again and sometimes he lifts his chest up, looks right at me and gives an enormous smile.

I kiss his cheeks and kiss his neck, where it’s the softest, and I can see how old ladies might pinch baby cheeks, forever wanting to have one more brush with that soft soft skin, one more snuggle with the cosy bundle of a fresh bubba.


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