Funny thing that happened

On Sunday evening, Mr Daddy and I had a row, something like this:

Me – You never appreciate how much I do with the children and the house! You get to just play with them, I do 90% of the hard stuff!
Him –  I do appreciate it, but it’s not easy for me either! I’m also tired! And I also do hard stuff!
Me – You get to go to an office! I’ve been to offices, they have private bathrooms! And you can drink hot beverages in peace! And no-one has tantrums!
Him – Can we not have this argument in front of the kids? You’re scaring them!
Me, full fledged theatrical rage – NO, you don’t get to silence me with that card! That’s it, I’m going to go have dinner at a restaurant by myself and you can put them both to bed and see what it’s LIKE!

And the little dude says “me dtome  too Mummy, me go resdauwant widt  Mummy, me gonna get me djacket”.

So I took the little dude to go get fish and chips.

The whole way in the car he happily repeats “me go resdauwant widt Mummy! Me say me go resdauwant widt Mummy and den me do go resdauwant widt Mummy!”


2 thoughts on “Funny thing that happened

  1. I think this may be the first post I’ve ever read aloud to my husband. He nodded and smiled then burst into laughter when I got to the Little Dude.

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