Special treat

Today my husband turns 30. Last night I organised a surprise: a trip to a fancy hotel in town, with the little dude camped out to my parents’ place. We even had a couple of hours without either child – thanks to the babysitting of a friend who is maybe this blog’s most loyal reader, and my brother. 

Bub woke at 6am, eeep. That means first nap starts at 7.30am. I left Mr Daddy sleeping and took bub for a walk. Hello Wellington Harbour: 

Then I came back to the breakfast buffet. 

I love breakfast buffets. Especially when breastfeeding, ’cause I never get full. So I’m like, well I’ll start with two pieces of toast and scrambled eggs and baked beans and grilled tomato and a grapefruit juice and then I’ll have some pineapple and then some muslie and a cup of tea and then some apple juice and hey ho husband still not here and baby still asleep maybe a muffin split…

And I thought, hey how cool will it be when the little dude experiences his first buffet?! It’ll blow his little mind. He’ll be sick afterwards, for sure, but it’ll be so much fun for him up til that point. 


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