On the upswing 

An almost empty playground, but then you see the mother and son on the swings. He is in the kiddie swing, and she pulls it high, “one, two, three, wheee!” and sends it flying. She remembers doing this just a few days before giving birth to the baby, she remembers treasuring it then and wondering how much mum time her big boy will get when things change.

“Now you get on dat wing too Mama”, he says, and she gets on the other swing, shows him how to kick legs up and down. She thinks of how he used to call the swing a “boon”, and how only she knew what it meant.

“Now me dsit on your knee Mama! Me dget down!”

So she gets him out and they sit on the big swing together, and then before she can push off and up, he wriggles round and hugs her neck “Me yie down Mama widt you on da wing!”. She leans all the way back, she can feel the weight of both of them in her forearms as she grips the chains, and they swing together, him laughing into her neck, holding on tight. Her laughing into his hair, pressing a cheek against his head, laughing laughing, mother and child, laughing laughing up and back, high and high, he holds her tight.

She wishes someone could take a snapshot of this moment. It’s one to remember. 


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