A thing we did that was really great

Yesterday, Mr Daddy took the day off work. Kinda just for the hell of it. We’d had a rough few weeks of kids being sick and me being sick and last week I had the brainwave – hey, he might have a spare day of annual leave we could cash in.

It was great. He took the little dude to Tumbling Tots while I had a quiet morning at home with bub. Then he looked after both of them while I went to yoga. We all went out to Moore Wilson’s together in the late afternoon, a low key day but a lovely bonus doing that stuff with someone else.

Today I felt heaps more rested than normal for a Friday, so I was super productive while the little dude was at creche and we’re ahead now on weekend chores.

Mr Daddy said he got HEAPS of kudos from the women he works with and all day he was basking in the glow of their approval for taking a home day. Lol.

And I’m like, yeah dude, be the change you want to see in the corporate workplace.


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