Perspective and stuff

It’s funny the things you used to think, and then life moves on and your perspective changes, and the old thinking seems ridiculous. When the little dude was a baby, I wanted a day that was good through and through with nothing going wrong. Like we used to have before kids! Before kids, our weekends were basically 100% nice stuff! It seems crazy now – we’d lie in, then go to a cafe, then, I dunno whatever, two incomes and no mortgage, we’d go out in the evening too, why not.

I bumped into a friend yesterday afternoon as I waited at the bus stop in town. It was absolutely pissing down with rain, real heavy downpour, and bub was asleep in the baby carrier. So, naturally, my husband was taking the car home while I got the bus. You can take babies on busses without removing them from their carriers, an act which tends to wake them. This seems normal now, to split up so we can keep bub asleep on a person or in a buggy through the power of public transport – we’ve done it several times. We live in a great area for busses and whenever this happens I’m just stoked it’s an option, BINGO, the BUS, keep bub asleep, woop woop! But my friend, who doesn’t have kids, and her boyfriend, they looked a bit dismayed “but that’s awful, you’re just standing here in the rain!” And I’m like, “no, it’s fine, the bus is soon and it goes almost to our street, and THE BABY IS ASLEEP!!!!!” And I asked what they were doing, and they were like “oh, y’know, not sure, maybe a movie, maybe dinner” and I’m thinking oh, I remember that, yeah. 

Today, we had a GREAT day. The best day since the baby was born. It helped that it was really a stunner of a sunny day, so blue, gorgeous.

We went to the beach.


I took this photo thinking it looks like it could be a Mountain Buggy advert.

The beach was glorious, the little dude collected stones and sticks and hid them because they were “birate dreasza”, and he threw stones into the sea, and we didn’t spend any money, so felt pleased at budget adherence. We came home and decided not to even try to get him to nap. I was going to take the baby out in the buggy and also go to the supermarket for eggs and bananas, and I was half out the door when the little dude decided he was making a break for it and ran off down the street, chased by his dad, so whatever, we all went to the supermarket. I LOVE LIVING IN A HIGH DENSITY AREA IT’S SO AWESOME.

We had friends round later. Mr Daddy suggested that we make scones, and while I was raising an eyebrow and making mutterings about tidying the house rather than creating more mess, the little dude said “ME dgonna make sones! I make sones! Widt waisins!”

Next minute, I’m clearing general debris slightly and my husband is doing the same and then we notice that the little dude has gone and gotten flour out of the cupboard, dragged a chair to the bench, put flour and raisins and walnuts on the bench, and is standing next to the chair in a puddle of his own wee.

That kid is such good value.

Anyway we did make scones and they turned out pretty well and the baby slept almost until people arrived, and it was nice having people round, and then later we went to the park in the last of the sun, and that was good too except the little dude accidentally gouged Mr Daddy’s eye while getting a lift down off a high platform.

Both kids were in bed by 8 and there were minimal dramas in that process.

Chores are under control, kinda, insofar as that’s ever a thing.

Bloody good day!


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