So much bigger already

Today: also a good day!

a) weather has improved outta site

b) baby no longer sick

c) I’m still reaping the benefits of Thursday’s reset day

I took the kids to the zoo today (zoo pass ftw!), in the rickety second-hand double pushchair. The bub is SO CHILLED OUT, he’s pretty content to look at the world go by eh.

It reminded me of the time I took them to the zoo when bub was tiny, a snuggler in a baby wrap. Now he’s a big bouncer of a baby. Even more than last time round when the little dude was this age, I can’t credit how fast they change. A few months is all it takes for a different baby to emerge.

Also I love the 3ish – 8ish month phase so much more than the newborn phase.

Halfway through August already, the rest of the year is going to just fly by.

When Facebook does that flashback thing, last year’s pictures of the little dude still seem like basically the same person, but the previous year is whole different being, a chrysalid phase, like the version of your partner you remember from your first date before you got to know each other properly.




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