Disruptive kids in public places

When I was 8 weeks pregnant with bub, I swore at a bus driver.

It was not great eh. I may have blogged about it at the time? Can’t remember, can’t be bothered finding the link. Wellington has this horrid system where you tag a card to get on the bus and tag again to get off. I couldn’t find my card to tag off. I’m fumbling around trying to find it and the driver is getting annoyed and I said “I’ll get off at the next stop so I can find it”. I gave him a that supplicating, grovelling look, the look you give when you want someone to not be annoyed anymore, and he said “stupid woman, you should have it ready before you get to the door, you’re holding everybody up!

I’d been sitting on the bus trying my damnedest not to vomit, that’s what I’d be concentrating on. I felt rubbish. I was late to work. I probably should have stayed home that day, but was conscious I’d used all my sick leave. I wanted to not be on the bus anymore, I wanted to be lying down, I felt like I might easily faint.

I heard my voice go loud and out of my mouth came the words “WHO FUCKING GIVES A SHIT, what does it even fucking matter?!

Anyway, nothing my kid has done in public has been as disruptive as that.




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