Small thought this morning 

I’m having coffee with some colleagues later today. I’m kinda looking forward to going back to work already – but at the same time, I think at 5 months old bub is still better off being looked after at home, his place at creche isn’t available til January anyway, and the little dude is getting his tonsils out in two weeks and will need a big recovery time after that. Then it’ll basically be the end of the year anyway. So I’m not going to change when I go back. And we’re having lots of good moments these days. But overall, at this point, I’m at home with them primarily for their sake not mine. My preference would be for some part time work already. 

I don’t think I know anyone who is unequivocally enthusiastic about being an at home parent. Can’t think of anyone in my circle of acquaintance. It’s so much harder and more exhausting than most of our paid jobs. 

I don’t feel any qualms being honest about this, though I know lots of mums wouldn’t admit it except to other at home mums, and there’s pressure to say something like “it’s hard but I wouldn’t swap it for the world!”. 

Being at home with them has some upsides, and in our current situation it’s the best option for the next few months. But I think we need to stop assuming that at home parents have the lucky fun job. 


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