What he wants for his birthday 

Dtell me a dtory about my birdtday Mummy.

Ok, on your birthday Saba visited from Auckland and he brought you a present and it was your aeroplane duplo. And we went to Tiny Town –

No! Tell me a dtory about my NEXT TIME birdtday when I even bigger.

Oh. Ok well you told me we’re going to eat muffins and have green bubble water and play mini golf, do you still want to do that?

Ummmm, I not sure. Maybe we dgonna pick backbewwies for my birdtday yike in Ben and Holly and dere gonna be a gnome. 

As luck has it your birthday is in February so we could pick blackberries! That’s a great idea. We could drive out to the Hutt River trail, there are blackberries there and we could pick some and have a picnic. There probably won’t be a gnome though.

Pease can I have a gnome? I just only wanna gnome and he just gonna pick all da backbewwies for us and den he gonna make murnik widt his udeyeye and dat will be a good birdtday.


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