Harmless toddler catharsis 

Little dude has had to deal with some big stuff this past week, tonsils out and recovery has been rough for him. When he’s frustrated it often comes out as throwing things or biting me. I wanted to think of some harmless destruction he could do now he’s improving, provide a better outlet, but without venturing far because he’s still fairly peaky. I’m after some garden or house based activities that take around ten minutes, when he’s having a perky patch.

  1. Smashing eggshells. Nana used to do this with us. Collect eggshells for a few days, then take them outside and crush them by stomping. Then they’re perfect for snail prevention around plants, apparently, I’m not much of a gardener. Bet the little dude would love this.
  2. Collecting twigs to throw on the pile of stuff that we might get round to mulching one day.
  3. Popping balloons (or blowing up then releasing).
  4. Throwing soft toys onto the bed or into the play tent.
  5. Ripping up recycle paper.
  6. Couch jumping (he does this all the time anyway)
  7. Truck derby – brrmming them into a tower of blocks.
  8. Throwing a ball onto the roof and catching it when rolls off.

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