The little dude has been back to his normal self this weeks, after two long weeks of recovery from the tonsils and adenoids out. So good to see him looking chipper again. There were a few really bad days, he was in a lot of pain but hated having the painkillers, and it was an ordeal. Took me back to when he was a small baby, teething, and would cry and cry until he fell asleep in my arms.

Bub is six months old. He is the cruisiest baby. Little baby super chill. Today we went to the pools. Bub kept getting splashed but he didn’t seem to mind at all, he kicked his little legs happily (Little dude: “Ben aving a yittle kick! Ben aving fun in da watder!”). My brother met us there so we had and extra set of grown up hands. The little dude was cautious at first, then excited. They had an inflatable obstacle course slide thing and he watched for ages then decided he wanted to give it a go – it was mainly much older kids, but ok. Flanked by an adult either side and with one of us there to catch him at the end. He was SO PROUD when he did it by himself on the third go. Wish we’d had a camera. He loved it. Tiny guy in his red sun smart suit inside on a cloudy day, classic.

We did swimming lessons for a while but stopped when he had a teacher who was a bit pushy. He last went to the pools ages ago, bub was only a few days old, my brother took him swimming to give him a little outing. I didn’t think he’d remember it but he did. Funny. I think he might even have remembered swimming lessons and how he didn’t like putting his head under, because he told me he didn’t want to go to the big pool, only the little pool.

I wonder how much he’ll remember of this year, this patchy year. A year of fumbling our way. At least with the second baby you know it’s not going to stay like that permanently. But the little dude doesn’t know. It must be so strange for him. Whenever I stop and think about it I’m struck by how much we expect from kids.

But, sigh of relief, this week marked the start of a little stretch that should be a bit calmer: from now til I go back to the office. Our last calm patch was a year ago, second trimester of pregnancy, I wrote about it then. It’s been a bumpy year, as things tend to be when a baby comes and no-one is sleeping, compounded by stress about the little dude’s health, doctor’s appointments and follow ups, then the surgery. And now, a lull, a few months where things should be pretty settled.

Hopefully this will be an opportunity to relax, and also to think about the habits we’re establishing, and set some nice rituals up. Be a bit more conscious of things like eating meals together, now that bub is staying awake for longer periods and having some solids. Here’s a little list of resolutions:

  • Eat meals together as a family on weekends.
  • Pancake breakfast Saturdays
  • Do the blessings for Shabbat on Friday nights
  • Decide during the week on an outing for the weekend. Lots of great places in Welly, especially now weather is perking up.
  • Create a morning routine. Mornings always feel a bit rushed, even weekends, we’re not morning people and it takes a while to get into our groove. Sometimes we end up being all snippy and grumpy in the morning and it makes us aggrieved at each other for a while, which is stupid. We’re kinda ok with bedtimes, the kids have their baths then Mr Daddy does stories with the little dude and tucks him up in bed while I feed Guzzly McGee in our bedroom. Mornings on the other hand! Plan is to mirror the night time, stories with dad for the little dude when he first wakes up, then get dressed, then breakfast, then playing together.
  • Have screen time expectations. I’m going to write a whole different post on this because it’s an ongoing matter of figuring it out.
  • Spending time every day playing with the little dude at our house or in the garden. I forget sometimes that he goes to bed way earlier than we do, so if we’re out most of the day he doesn’t get much chilling out time at home. He loves outings but he also wants to spend time here – a slow Saturday morning pottering about at home, watering plants in the garden, he really likes that.
  • There are two other blogs coming, one on screen time and one on managing relationships with a two year old, so there’ll be more resolutions in there too.

Fitting that tomorrow is Rosh Hashanah!


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